Patrick Moffat is a legend in the motorcycle tour world. He began operating and leading motorcycle expeditions in India in 1994, pioneering itineraries that are now the standard for India's Ladakh and Rajasthan, as well Nepal, Tibet, Mongolia and Bhutan. Patrick was the force behind negotiations with Chinese authorities that allowed his operation to run the first motorcycles tours between Kathmandu and Lhasa in 1999, and then to Everest base camp in 2001. Patrick led the first-ever motorcycle tours into Bhutan in 1997, and when the route in and out of Phunstoling got too crowded he trail blazed the route out through through Bhutan's eastern edges and into Assam. Patrick constantly pushed the envelope on what was comfortable, feasible and possible, and he made it look easy. What motorcycle touring in Asia is today owes its origins in no small way to Patrick Moffat.

Patrick died of prostate cancer in November of 2010. Those who knew him will remember that was equally comfortable piloting a motorcycle through a hailstorm as he was laughing over beers on a bar stool, read Vairotsana in a balcony in the sun, or sipping chai at a dusty roadside dhaba. He was a wild man and madman. He was fierce and kind and crazy. He was magnificent and he will be missed.


Eric Moffat has been traveling by motorcycle throughout Asia since his father, Patrick Moffat, first introduced him to that fine art in the early 1990s. After Patrick's untimely passing in late 2010, Eric has continued his father's work coordinating and leading Asian motorcycle adventures.

Patrick was the true pioneer of motorcycle touring in Asia, running the first ever tours to Mongolia, Tibet and Bhutan and developing the routes to the highest pass in the World, Khardung-La, and across Rajasthan. Eric has inherited not just that spirit but also Patrick's empathy with the Himalayan region and he and our dedicated local crew will really bring out the best in Asian motorcycle travel and the best in you.


Alam was first brought onto the Himalayan Moto Tours team at the age of 16 by our sadly missed founder, Patrick Moffat, way back in 1996. He began as a mechanic's assistant, but his intelligence, initiative and basic goodness could not help but be recognized. He quickly became chief mechanic, led his first tour in 2005, and now leads the Operations in India. He has now participated in over 100 tours in India and the Himalayas as rider, mechanic or guide. Alam is no mean rider either. He participated in the Himalayan Raid Rally in 2001, 2005 and came second in his class in 2001. And when not working to make your tour the best possible riding experience, Alam is married and runs a motorcycle repair business and custom bike building shop in Dehradun that is famous throughout India.